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Players who want to succeed must demonstrate their sporting achievements – and have everything else off their minds. That is why Eurosportsmanagement is committed to taking care of all the important matters outside the field. As licensed agents, we provide consulting, intermediation and management, and we support footballers, parents and clubs in partnership.

We set the course for success

Career planning is an important element of every player’s life. Looking back on their own active career in football, all Eurosportsmanagement team agents know first-hand of the sport’s particularities and it is in the youth sector when the course for success is already set.

  • We pay attention to all the important details which are vital in promotion on the career ladder.
  • We work closely with scouts and coaches of all established football clubs.
  • We also support our junior outside the field, e.g. in schooling and other forms of education and training.

Accomplished football clubs’ partner

From the trainer, the equipment manager to the talent hunter, form the board of directors, the treasurer to the assistant president – lots of people are needed to fill a sports club with life. We help you find qualified staff. Benefit from our large contact network and more than 15 years of experience in professional football!

We assist
the parents

As a parent, you are the key integrant in your child’s football career. You are not only the biggest fan but also an ally, a comfort provider, driver and companion in all situations.

We from the Eurosportsmanagement team have spent plenty of years in professional football. And we, too, are parents. Both factors make us the ideal partner in building your child’s sports career!

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